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Questions and Answers on Eye Trauma

We asked Dr. Parker some questions on a very disturbing eye emergency topic- Eye Trauma.

Q. I got hit in the eye with a baseball, is that dangerous for my vision?

A: Yes- you need to see your optometrist right away to make sure you do not develop a more serious retina tear or detachment or have bleeding in your eye which can be sight threatening

Q. Should I visit an eye doctor if I got a black eye?

A: Yes! See your optometrist to make sure you have no damage to the inside of your eye or the bones in your orbit or the bones that surround your eye which can be damaged if you took a serious blow to your eye

Q. I have pain in my eye after getting a black eye, should I visit the emergency room or an eye doctor?

A: You should see an eye doctor. An eye doctors’ office is better equipped to assess any potential damage to your eye. You also need to have your eyes dilated to assess any internal damage to your eye or retina. An emergency room or walk in clinic is frequently not properly equipped to exam your eyes in this kind of situation.

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