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Questions and Answers on Children and Eye Emergencies

We asked Dr. Parker some questions on Pediatric Eye Emergencies- here is how he replied:

Q. My toddler is complaining that his eye hurts, should I make an appointment with the Optometrist?

A: Yes . Your Optometrist can properly asses your child's eyes to see why they hurt. Pain can be due to possible vision problems or due to other causes.

Q. My child came home from school saying that his eye hurts, what should I do?

A: Don't take chances with your child's vision- come in and see the eye doctor. Better to rule out a problem than run the risk of having something wrong and cause lasting or possibly permanent damage.

Q. My child’s eye looks very red, what should I do?

A: You should have your optometrist see your child right away. Red eyes can be caused by many different problems such as eye infections, allergies, inflammations or other causes

Q. My child has a weird bump in his eye, should I make an appointment?

A: Yes you should see your Optometrist who could determine what is the cause of the bump. If medication is required your doctor can prescribe the proper medication

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