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Questions and Answers about Severe Eye Emergencies

We asked Dr. Parker about Severe Eye Emergencies. In addition to giving us these answers, he also stressed how important it was to get somebody else to drive when you are headed out to your local eye doctor.

Q. I just lost my vision in one eye, should I visit the emergency room?

A: No you should see your optometrist right away. Your optometrist has all the proper examination equipment to come up with the proper diagnosis quickly. Emergency rooms and walk in clinics are not properly equipped to come up with the proper diagnosis quickly and will often refer patients (after long and expensive delays) to your local optometrist.

Q. My eye is bleeding what should I do?

A: Put a cold pack on your eye and see your eye doctor right away

Q. I am seeing double, should I go to the eye doctor?

A: Double vision can be caused by a serious neurological problem which can be assessed by your Optometrist. Your should see your Optometrist as soon as possible

Q. I have severe pain in my eye, what do I do?

A: Severe pain is a serious emergency. You should see your Optometrist right away. To prevent permanent vision loss your Optometrist will see you immediately for an emergency visit

Q. I feel a lot of pressure behind my eye, what should I do?

A: Have your Optometrist examine your eye. Your Optometrist can help determine what is causing the pressure. It may be your sinus’s or possible high pressure in your eye which could be far more serious. Don't take chances with your vision!

For more information on Severe Eye Emergencies please call us or click here.