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Our Health and Safety Protocols- Going Above and Beyond

Exceeding CDC Recommendations to Ensure the Well-being of our Patients, Staff, and Doctors

Hamptons Eye and Vision, Dr Eugene Parker strives to provide the highest standards of protection and safety to its already existing high level of customer service. Our priority is taking care of our patients, our staff and our doctors.

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Patients should fill out Patient Intake Forms before they arrive for their appointment.


1) We can email to you or you can download off website, scan email back
2) You can fill out take a picture and email or text to us
3) We can mail forms to you or have a staff member take your history over the phone.

Upon arrival, patient should call from their vehicle to notify the office. We limit the number of patients and exams adhering to CDC social distancing guidelines. We will be limiting the number of patients per hour to leave time for appropriate disinfection between patients. If the patient does not have a phone, they should ring the doorbell and a staff member will greet them and notify when the patient can enter the office. Our doors will be monitored so staff can observe and control traffic in the office to ensure safe social distancing.

Patients will be asked about general health including exposure to someone who has been ill or someone who has traveled to high risk areas. Patients may have a temperature check via contactless thermometer. If anyone shows signs of high fever, they will be rescheduled.

Patients are asked to wear a mask when they enter for their appointment. Patients will be required to wash their hands with soap or sanitizer, upon entering the office.

Patients should not bring anyone to accompany them to the appointment except when necessary for children and elderly.
Sneeze guards are installed at high “contact” points throughout the office.

Frames Selection and Safety– One-on-one consultation will be available with an optician. Patients are asked to point to frames they would like to try. Individually trays will be provided for patients to place frame selections. All frames and tray will be disinfected after the consultation. Pick up protocol will be discussed after orders are placed. We ask that patients make their frame selection in a timely manner.

Telehealth visits– are available when needed or an office visit is not necessary.


Team members are to change into work attire and footwear when arriving to the office.

All team members will be given a temperature check via contactless thermometer when arriving to the office. If any associate shows symptoms of fever, they will be sent home. General health questions will be asked such as exposure to someone ill, or anyone who has traveled to high risk areas.

Masks and gloves have been secured for all. Team members must wash hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds with soap solution when they arrive, before and after each patient, before eating, and after using the restroom. Every hour or immediately after contact with patients or wipe down: Wash hands or use hand sanitizer.

Team members should wipe down patient contact areas (pens, pen cups, sneeze guard, etc.) and counters with alcohol or disinfectant after patient exposure or every hour. All exam areas are to be wiped down after patient exposure or every hour. There will be a designated team member to inspect disinfection protocol.

Team members should use only one phone and computer that is wiped with disinfectant intermittently throughout the day. If office staff share equipment, it shall be disinfected after each use.


Doctor Parker will be utilizing Personal Protective Equipment in accordance with recommendations from the CDC, including masks, gloves and shields. Additionally, Dr Parker will be changing clothes and shoes once he gets to the office, choosing medical scrubs, gowns or lab coats for an additional layer of protection. Dr Parker will conduct a self-health check, including taking his own temperature before going to the office.

Dr Parker will thoroughly wash his hands for at least 20 seconds with soap solution or alcohol-based sanitizer when he arrives, before and after each patient, before eating and after using the restroom. A slit lamp “breath” shield/ barrier will be used during exams.

Hamptons Eye & Vision will implement a “white glove” experience, sterilizing all surfaces, countertops, door handles, armchairs, seats, tabletops and any high touch area.

Exam rooms and equipment will be a cleaned with a disinfectant between each patient. Plexiglass shields will be used to prevent exposure in high contact areas throughout the office. Waiting area of our offices will have some chairs removed to allow 6 feet social distancing.