Dr. Parker was born and raised in Syosset, NY. Is a graduate of SUNY College of Optometry in Manhattan, where he stayed on as a clinical instructor for six years before purchasing the practice of Donald Corwin OD.

Hamptons Eye and Vision has been serving the Hamptons for over 50 years. After taking over for Dr Corwin the practice was located on Main Street in Southampton for 13 years before moving to our current office space on North Sea Road where we have been since 2002.

Dr Parker lives right here in Southampton Village, is married to Elizabeth and raised two daughters who graduated Southampton High School , went to college and now live and work in New York City.

A Strong Educational Foundation: Hopefully patients respect my experience and educational background. What I hope they really appreciate is that I listen to their needs and concerns, explain their options and help them make the best choice for them. My goal is to help improve not only their vision but the quality of their lives.

Committed to Acquiring the Latest in Technology. The vision care field is changing so rapidly. It is much more technical, I am committed to keeping up with the latest technology, so I can provide my patients with the best diagnostic equipment available. My goal is to provide my patients with the clearest vision possible and healthy eyes.